National MDCAT Test Date 2023

 For aspirant medical and dental students nationwide, the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) is an important test. Now that the syllabus has been formally authorized, news about the MDCAT session 2023 is gaining attention. The council has also made significant choices about the list of universities that will be considered for admission and the places where the exam will be held. Let's examine this important development's specifics.

National MDCAT Test Date 2023

Date and location of the national MDCAT exam in 2023

On August 27, 2023, the council has decided to hold the National MDCAT 2023 exam. The test will be administered at the province level, with the local public universities that offer admission in charge of organizing it. This choice guarantees a uniform and fair examination process across the nation, enabling students from all regions to compete on an even playing field.

Cities List for MDCAT 2023

The list of places where the MDCAT-2023 examination will be held has been made public by the council along with the nomination of universities that will be accepting students. Cities have been carefully chosen to accommodate a wide geographic dispersion, making it convenient for students from different locations to participate. To make sure they select the most convenient exam center, candidates can consult the official list of cities.